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Poster: brewster Date: Oct 27, 2004 1:19pm
Forum: announcements Subject: Eminem music video stretches the Archive produced a get-out-the-vote Eminem video that they uploaded to the Archive. While we have a gigabit connection to the Internet, even that is being pounded by this movie. We are serving more around 2 videos each second at this point (that is about 500Mbits/sec between the US and the EU archives). has taken up the Archive on its Home of the Commons offer. Our offer is for material that broadly defined belongs in a library, and that is free to share (say by using creative commons licenses), then the Archive will provide: * unlimited storage * unlimited bandwidth (well, almost) * forever * for free. GNN, as many others do, link directly to the file, so we are getting 10's of thousands of downloads just for that file, and the download count does not show it (since they come from off site). is another site that leverages the Archive and even encourages people to upload new works, which have resulted in hundreds of videos being hosted. -brewster
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